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       Circle of Seven Farm, located in southern Indiana, focuses on the preservation of the Myotonic goat breed.  Myotonic, also known as "fainting" goats, is under the American Livestock Breed Conservancy list and our goal is to give insight about the breed so that one day they may be removed. We are also proud members of the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).
     We have been raising Myotonic goats for 9 years on our 118 acre farm. They have definitely brought much joy to our family. We focus on the Tennessee bloodlines of the Myotonic breed. The Tennessee fainting goats are smaller in size than most meat goats and the Myotonics are a particularly hearty breed. However, not much compares to how entertaining they are because of the Myotonia trait that this breed carries. They bring so much fun and joy to our lives and we hope they will do the same to yours.

Proud supporters of the MGR!

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