Our 2016 kids have arrived! 

We are excited to announce that 6 of our does have kidded giving us a total of 12 colorful kids ( 7 bucks, 5 does). 

C7F Eclipse X MHF Kaspian

C7F Hadleigh  X  MHF Kaspian

SCR Mocha  X  MHF Magnum

MHF Zippy   X   MHF Magnum

Tabby    X    MHF Kaspian

MHF Rori   X   MHF Magnum

Fall Kids have Arrived! 

Our 5 does bred for fall kidding have all kidded giving us some of the cutest and most rotten babies! We concluded 2016 kidding with 12 more kids! (6 bucks, 6 does)   (Pictures of some of the boys are pending)

MHF Hershey  X  MHF Kaspian

MHF Angel  X  MHF Kaspian

C7F Bubbles  X  NEA Little Roy

C7F Eclipse  X  NEA Little Roy

MHF Gracie  X  MHF Maverick